Specific Requests of Chestnut Trees

We have an important collection of varieties (mother plant of scion): recent varieties (newhybrids) which we produce in great quantities every year and old varieties (local andtraditional) than we produce in small quantity or on request.

  1. The specific requests of production of old varieties must be filed one year ahead.
  2. We have different rootstocks which allow fitting varieties to particular soil and climate. Aspreviously, this specific request of grafting using different rootstocks than Marsol (CA 07,most usually used) has to be filed one year ahead.
  3. Finally, we offer multiplying by grafting old and/or local varieties, which we do not have incollection. You must supply us transplants.

Attention : because of the recent phytosanitary problem caused by Cynips (Dryocosmuskuriphilus), we cannot accept any transplants (See the Decree of November 22nd, 2010 below) to answer the supply N°3.

LogoPDF See the French Legal Reference "Arrété relatif à la lutte contre le Cynips"