Walnut flowering presentation

Female and Male Flowers


Female walnut flower

Female Flowers   


The male flowers are different from female flowers, and present on the same tree.

The common walnut tree Juglans regia L. is Monoecious, except for some species of central Asia.


Male walnut flower

Male Flowers   


Polination :

Juglans regia L. is a self-fertile species. But, for the majority of varieties, the self-fertilization is possible during few days.

Because first of all the life of the pollen is short, second of all the receptivity of stigma is also short and finally there is a gap between the period of female and male flowers bloom.

Period of bud break and female and male bloom of 10 varieties of Coulié walnuts trees

Period of bud break and female and male bloom of 10 varieties of walnuts trees.

The pollination can be jeopardized when the climate is unfavourable: important rain, low temperature, or strong wind can bring about either the catkins fallen just before bloom either the scattering of pollen outside orchard.

So it is important to plant pollinators that have later male bloom than the principle varieties. (The choice of pollinators is indicated for each variety in our catalog).

The walnut female flowers are not visited by insects. The wind will spread the pollen efficiency: it is an anemophily pollination (The information about the number and the arrangement of pollinators in the orchard is indicated in the section “Help to the plantation”).