Set up a walnut orchard

Tree density in the orchard

Soil Quality
Franquette Lara Fernor

BUSH pruning
Medium10m x 10m  
High10m x 12m  

Axis pruning 
Medium8m x 8m8m x 4m8m x 6m
High10m x 10m8m x 6m8m x 8m







Organization of the orchard

According to the number of trees per hectare, we distinguish the semi-intensive plantations and the intensive plantations.
In the first case walnuts are traditionally planted in orchard full wind, at a distance varying from 10 to 12 m. The number of trees per hectare is low: 70 in 100 trees.
For plantations of less than 10 m between trees (7 in 8m), we have an intensive system with a number of tree per hectare about 150 - 200. This type of plantation is possible in two cases:

  • For the varieties with fruiting terminal, it will allow to decrease the unproductive period and to double the yield during the first years of production. However, when trees are in competition, it will be necessary to cut down gradually one tree out of two.
  • For the varieties with fruiting side, it will not be necessary to cut down trees. A plantation in staggered rows will be preferable

The new varieties of fruiting twig side allow having an orchard in fruit hedge (8 m x 4 m and 8m x 6m).

The pollination of the walnut is made by the wind. Pollinators have to be necessarily situated between the prevailing wind of the spring and the fruit plantations. From 6 to 8 pollinators is required for a hectare. In the case of fruit hedges, this number can be slightly increased.