Walnut fructification

The Fruit

Shuck and Nut of walnut tree

A green, fleshy shuck surrounds the nut, which splits irregularly at maturity.

The shell is rough, wrinkled or furrowed, and thin.


Kernel and shell of the walnut tree

Nuts are ovoid to round, containing two kernels separated by a thin, papery central plate extending from the inner layer of the shell.

Types of fructification

Types de fructification du noyerThere are two principles types of fructificationer :



Varities of fruiting twigs terminal: Franquette, Marbot, Corne, Grandjean.

The fruit buds are located at the ends of one year old branches and are mainly located on the periphery of the tree. These varieties can be formed either Bush either axis.

Type de fructification sur brindille latérale - Noyers




Varieties of fruiting twig side: Lara, Fernor,… .

The fruit buds are inserted on one year old branches that are located throughout branches. For these varieties, we advice to use the structured axis or the free axis pruning.


Fruit Maturity

The fruit is considered mature when the kernel has completed its full development and that shuck splits irregularly.

For French varieties, the complete maturity is done:

  • Arround Sptember 20th forLara and Ronde de Montignac,
  • At the end of September forGrandjean and Marbot
  • During the first ten days of October for Franquette, Fernor, Fernette, Ferjean, Corne, Mayette and Parisienne.

Pour la majorité des variétés, il s’écoule 145 jours (Peut varier d’une semaine selon les conditions climatiques) entre la précocité de floraison et la précocité de maturité.