The Chestnut tree (Castanea Sp.)

A precious tree…

The Chestnut tree is a big tree that we do many cases; Much more for the usefulness than for the attractiveness that it brings. 

The Fruit

A wealth of food for humans…

The Timber

(Quick Growth)

 Consumption:Chestnuts   Chestnut timber  
 As vegetable (water cook, as purée ...)Chestnut cream
 As desert (in cream or roasted)Roasted chestnuts
 As sweets (« Marron » glacé)Chestnut flour
  As bread (using its flour)Eat Chestnuts


To conclude this presentation, the following information

We then present our production method is in place to produce the saplings and scions of chestnut orchards for professionals;

Three pages relate our tips on creating chestnut orchard, this includes

Page of the method of chestnut fruit size

Our professional catalog of varieties, which first was held in