The Walnut tree (Juglans Sp.)

A noble species…

The walnut is the most noble species.

Walnut tree presentation

Isolated (appreciation for a plot of land).

In border of path: windbreak hedge, hold the embankment.

Grows quickly.

The Juglans walnut tree is one of the few that on top of its beautiful landscaped aspect, provides two productions which are:

The Walnut


The Timber

Fruit of the walnut tree, the nutNumerous Juglans varieties:
-Franquette -Fernor
-Mayette -Parisienne
-Chandler -Etc…


Produits issus de la noix

Rich in Vit. E
Prevent Cancer
And aging

              Walnut wood and walnut wood furniture


Precious Juglans nuts

Rich in vitamin E, the nut has an anti-radical action that prevents cancer and aging.

3 to 5 nuts per day are sufficient to provide the required daily dose of linoleic acid.