COULIE Tree Nursery

Created in 1972 by Jean Coulié, Coulie Nursery specialised in young plants production of  walnut et chestnut tree from maiden to whip tree (1 and et 2 years old).




Plants are produced in nursery and laboratory then grown on field in our different sites:
  • Bassins de la Vézère: 24120 Pazayac
  • Bassin de la dordogne: 24370 St-Julien-de-Lapon
  • Bassins du Roussillon: 66100 Perpignan et Argeles s/MerChataignier noyer plein champ Coulie

Plants are send directly from our nursery tree at chasteaux in Corrèze. They are protected for the transport and are send by road haulier.

COULIE nursery is embarking on an environmental approach
1 - In order to allow Top-Quality plants to made available on the market quickly, it has perfected the mycorhyzation of young plants with antagonistic Phytophtora fungi, which favour :
  • Greater resistance
  • Greater yield
  • Greater growth
Mycorhisation of plants allows to decrease significantly the use of fungicides.
2 - Among used fertilizers, we use as otfen as possible BIO certified products (Differents purins, range of EQUISETUM products).
Secondary Services :


We also multiply a selection of style plants: Albizia julibrissinLagerstroemia indica et Morus kagayamae : consult our website (for professionals only).

We invite the individuals, for walnut trees, chestnut trees, albizias and lagerstroemia, on our online shop : pépiniè

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