Walnuts Planting 

Walnut is a fruit species that yield big tree. It needs enough light to produce fruit of quality.

Walnut climatic requirements:

Avoid areas:

  • Very cold: 
  • Autumn: « radiance » frost. The risk is important for the young (green) vegetative part of plant.
  • Winter: frequent low temperature. 
  • Spring: the risk is important after bud break.
  • Windy: crest, air lane,...
  • Shady: can yeald blanching
  • Misty (fréquent fog) (the hygrometry favour the development of pathogenic fungus and bacteria).


Walnut soil requirements:

Favoured soil:


  • Deep (>50 cm) or superficial with broken calcareous rock.
  • Low power of filtration: level of clay >25%
  • Not asphyxiating: level of clay < 35% with a good balance between sand, alluvium and clay.
  • Level of organic matter >1,5% with CEC >10
  • 6 < pH < 7,5
  • Active calcareous < 5%



  • Dig a minimum hole 60 cms deep and sides of 80 cms.Planting seedling of walnut
  • Drive stake at middle of hole.
  • Cut the death and broken roots.
  • Put the tree. The stake must be between the prevailing wind and the tree.
  • Fill the hole with a mix of 3/4 of ground and 1/4 of mould.
  • It is important to hold the graft point on top of the ground.