Chandler Walnuts Seedlings and Plants

Tree characteristics ( type of fruiting, flowering period,... ), fruit characteristics ( size, maturity period, quality, ...) and production characteristics of the new walnut variety of "Chandler"

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Vigour Average to good
Bearing Half erect
Type of fruiting Type I : partially on terminal twigs at the end of the twigs of one year
Budding Early
Flowering period
End of April - beginning of May





  • Slightly elongated
Size Large to quite large 32 et 36 mm
Maturity period Early. End of September - beginning of October
Walnut kernel
  • Good quality
  • Light Blond
  • Easy to extract
  • Represent 45% to 50% of the total weight of the walnut
Gustative quality
  • Good to very good
  • Smooth with good quality shell




fruiting Quite quick
Productivity About 4,5 t/ha



Maturity Period of CHANDLER Walnuts




Does not like
  • Frozen area
  • On some soil, and with low temperature at the end of spring and at the beginning of summer, the walnut is not properly close
Prefer deep soil
10 m x 10 m for a traditional culture
8 m between the ranks x 4 m on ranks (Fruit Hedge)
Pruning Well adapted for an axi form
  • Meylannaise
  • Ronde de Montignac
5% placed under prevailing wind





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