Plants and Seedlings of Feradan® Walnut Trees

Plants and scions FERADAN® Walnut trees

A new variety of trees for nuciculture - large fruit - Contact us for the availability of these seedlings, saplings and scion Feradan® Walnut trees

Presentation of the Feradan Walnut Tree - Plants and Seedlings of Feradan Walnut Trees for Sale here

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Plants and scions FERADAN® Walnut trees

Feradan is a beautiful tree, good effect but below walnut Franquette .

Branching sparse and stubby branches, long and few, spreading habit, tree trained axis does not require folding. As against because of making very fast fruit it is necessary to staking during training to prevent breakage at the axis.

Moderately susceptible to the bacterial and especially the anthacnose on sheet. Productivity average to good. Mature fruit near the walnut tree Lara, slightly earlier than Lara

Fruits large caliber 90% of 34-38 , pretty good lignification, kernels pretty good, sometimes (rarely) and dark gray. Breaking performance equal to 46%


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