Walnut "Bijou", Tradional Variety, large nuts

Walnut "Bijou", Tradional Variety

The variety of traditional walnut Bijou is only a variety for amateurs, interesting for curiosity.
It is also a myth because of its former use for making jewelry cabinets with its enormous hull.
His proportionally smaller kernel was used in oil mill .

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Walnut "Bijou", traditional variety,
large nuts

Traditional Walnut, variety of very original and curious amateurs serving Jewellery Box once (original name)
Origin : France France
Development Area
: All French regions

Bijou walnut tree variety

Strength : Average high
Last fruits : Fast enough
Budding : Fairly early
Productivity : Good
Diseases : Rustic, insensitive to diseases
: Early

The fruit of the walnut "Bijou"

Form : oval, round, convex to the thick shell based heavily wrinkled
Template : 4 to 5 cm the biggest of all nuts
Maturity : October
uses : small to medium used almond oil mill

Bijou Plants and scions of Walnut Bijou


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